Outhouse- Jardin Couture Earcuff

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Protagonist of and witness to natures most mysterious sightings the Jardin d'amour Couture Earcuff exhibits the elegance of a royal princess in a moment of reflection. The visual effects created through chromatic blends of the delicate birds of Lophorina, trellises and nature's patterns all illustrate a beautiful garden of the Outhouse bride's imagination. Luscious hints of fresh water pearls lend effortless regality to this master creation while Graine de Melon Sculpto� highlights this power jewel. Requiring great time and skill this whimsical piece of adornment has used more than 25 hours to construct.

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Product will be shipped in 4-6 weeks

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Material - BrassColour - Rose Gold


Avoid contact with moisture, perfume, nail polish removers or hairsprays. Store in a cloth pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement.

Store the piece individually (not with other jewellery) in this case.

Keep the pieces in packaging provided and do not keep pieces together.