“Inspired by my life-long love affair with jewellery, we create timeless masterpieces based on the traditional practices of Kundan.”  Sonal

Sonal Pandya

I am Sonal Pandya …. the founder of Aurora’s Collection.

I am also a pioneering bridal stylist, magazine stylist and fashion campaign creator who has collaborated with the likes of Khush magazine, Selfridges Bobby Brown, make up master Anu Malhi and celebrity sensation Deana Uppal, among others.

I have created, conceptualised, planned and styled brides – and their wedding jewellery – for over five years and have built a credible reputation in the Asian wedding styling scene. The essence of what I do lies in my perceptive process, deciphering your carriage, characteristics and colouring, and fastidiously translating them into a stunning Asian semblance – only an expert would know how to achieve.

I have always had an innate passion for jewellery and am fascinated by the propensity a single piece can bring to the wearer’s persona. As a child I loved watching my mother orchestrate outfits for family occasions – and the sound of the clasps clicking into place. Simply put – jewellery is so much more than a collection of stones – it is an art form and an expression of beauty and heritage.

Through my jewellery and styling, I am able to resonate with my father and the fulfilment he felt as a business owner. Dotingly named after my only daughter – Aurora – the premise of the brand signifies unconditional love and the time-honoured passage that guides a little girl to womenkind, through our patented priceless heirlooms.

For the past five years, Aurora’s Collection have proudly handcrafted pieces based on the traditional practices of Kundan, using high-quality components created by ethically sourced, authentic, Indian artisans. From traditional to contemporary our ever-evolving collection of spectacular, sparking jewels adds spirit to your style on the day. The delicately crafted, custom-made designs pass through a carefully considered seven-step progress to create a perfectly framed piece of jewellery.