Palm le Grande Sahara Earrings

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Palm le Grande Sahara Earrings

A picturesque piece, the Palm le Grande Sahara Earrings takes cues from royal scapes and proves to be a must-have in a modern bride's trousseau. Capturing an experimetal aesthetic, the pair presents an exxagerated form of the House's Royal Palm motif. The earring danlges from the ear and it's chain extends to the wearer's hair as a jewelled clip, providing maximum elegance as well as support. This iconic innovation is handcrafted with crystals, cubic zircons and keshi pearls - together evoking the House's couture spirit finished in 22KT rose gold.

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Avoid contact with moisture, perfume, nail polish removers or hairsprays. Store in a cloth pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement.

Store the piece individually (not with other jewellery) in this case.

Keep the pieces in packaging provided and do not keep pieces together.