Great businesses are started with support and encouragement by family and friends and that’s how I started but also with a good latte. Sat in costa with one of my best friends, on my maternity leave with a four month baby snoozing away, while my idleness at home had become my enemy. This would be my time to start a business, which I have always wanted from the start, but not had the courage to do on my own.

 A love for jewellery and a business to execute I did my homework and researched on what jewellery I wanted to retail. Picking out jewellery for me wasn’t just choosing exceptional quality but what would radiate my love for jewellery from a young age.

 With the idea of a business and what type of business, a name had to be chosen, which represented, quality, childhood passion and my life. There was no better name than my daughter’s name, who gave me the extra encouragement to start this in the first place. So as I brought her into my world, I brought her up front and centre to the rest of the world a statement a new beginning, Aurora’s Collection, launched on July 2016. 

August 28, 2021 — Auroras Collection UK Admin